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J.J. Academy's primary goal lies in changing the lives of the students making them agents of social change. J.J Academy is committed to providing the best education possible for all students to achieve this goal, a strong partnership must exist between the staff, student and parents. As part of this partnership, it is important that everyone be aware of and support the policies and practices outlined in this handbook. There are exceptional opportunities for highly motivated students to pursue academic work that challenges their interests and abilities.

The mission of J.J. Academy is to realize the high aspiration the community has for its children. We expect all students to achieve their full potential for personal development and educational success. We are committed to equipping students with the knowledge, values and skills to become lifelong learners and responsible contributing citizens of a changing global community.

Let our children live their lives and experience different facets of life which comes through different activities in and out of school. For example, a picnic will just be a picnic to the parents but look at what the teachers see a place where they will be independent to make their own decisions, work as a team, collaboration, self reliance and follow instructions amongst many others...

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