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Teachers Mission Statement

  • To empower.
  • To impart self esteem.
  • To be a positive role model.
  • To be at least one person in each student's universe who unconditionally believes in his / her ability to 'be all that (he / she) can be' ... either in my classroom or anywhere else.
  • To provide a classroom atmosphere in which there is freedom and safety to make mistakes and take risks. Not being perfect the first time out is part of learning, growing and becoming educated.
  • To accept and respect each student in all his / her unique individuality and to communicate that acceptance and respect to the student.
  • To impart skills; the proper use of the English language; and fluent, coherent and correct writing.

Teachers Oath

  • I will always listen to your explanation or your side of the story.
  • Because life can be unpredictable and unfair, consequences or penalties will depend on all information and circumstances.
  • You will not always be treated equally.
  • Some decisions are private and will not be shared with the class.
  • I will attempt to be as fair as humanly possible.

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