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Our School Parliament

A Student Government is one of the best means of training the children in leadership and responsibility. The parliament consists of the Head Boy Head Girl and the cabinet of ministers. Each minister forms their own rules based on the School rules and sees that they are obeyed. Each minister has a helper in every class. Regular meetings are essential and are held on every last Friday of the month over which the Principal or the Supervisor or the Discipline in charge presides.


Each house signifies a saint and each house has a mascot. In order to inculcate a healthy spirit of competition and get the best out of each individual student, J.J. Academy students are of four groups.

All the groups are assigned teachers who will ensure that they participate.

House Colors Mascot
St. Johns Reds Eagle
St. Lukes Blues Ox
St. Marks Yellows Lion
St. Mathews Greens Human Angel
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