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Some Answers To Parents Queries

My son / daughter cries everytime I try to bring him / her to the school?
This is perfectly normal which usually lasts for 2 – 3 weeks parents you are socializing your kids. Making them used to new people and new subjects. We try to ease this transition period for them by enticing them with activities they would like.

I want my child to do well. What do I do?
Allow your child to read as much as he or she wants. Every child with a firm base of knowledge will ease in to his / her schooling years. These years they love to learn new ideas and concepts. If they are made to love certain subjects during this period they carry on the interest well in to their professional careers. It is astonishing to note that children usually have learned most of their vocabulary during this period till the II std. So make them read, read with them, write with them, play with them in the process you also will learn more about your children.

My child is a leafy. He writes with his left hand is it normal?
Yes it is perfectly normal. Do not try to change it. Changes are your son or daughter might be even better than the others.

My son / daughter has left their projects / tiffin / compass box / belt / tie at home just deliver it to the class?
Since the student is in the class no articles can be delivered once entered in to the school.

Is it necessary to send my child on school trips / excursions?
One of the strengths of J.J.A education is to enable students to open up and express their viewpoints. We would like to see them open up in a group instead of stereotyping or having their own reservations. This can be done in a setting that is not limited to the classroom. It also gives us a chance to see what our children have learnt so far. The way they behave, eat, act. Decision making all are observed this apart from them learning facts of the excursion. We want to have fun at school.

I want my child to take part in extra curricular events?
Let them take part in as many events as they want. No student is going to be asked not to perform. Infact if parents come to lend their support the student will be encouraged to perform better our students should live with by no challenge too big to handle.

I have a problem what do I do?
Contact the H.M. of the section. Who will guide you accordingly.

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