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General Instructions

  • Students are to come in complete uniform to be well groomed at all times.
  • When the School is in session parents are strongly advised not o visit classes or contact the teachers without the permission of the H.M.
  • It is advised not to bring any valuable articles to School even the books, bags, tiffin boxes etc. should have the students name clearly written to be easily identifiable and to avoid loss of the same.
  • Under any circumstance, tiffin will not be given / taken during the school time.
  • Students are not supposed to apply mehendi or nail polish or wear bangles, hairclips and flower when they come to the school. Hair should be tied with black ribbons or black hair band. Clothing should be modest and age appropriate in terms of Birthdays and Field trips.
  • Parents should parent their grievance to the Supervisor and not to the teachers.
  • Parents and guardians are specially requested to fill their proper address and telephone numbers so that they can easily be contacted in an emergency. They are advised to fill in the space allotted for the specimen signature.
  • We strongly encourage the parents to redo the work with your child as it will help in overall development.
  • Parents should collect their children immediately after the school gets over daily.
  • A variety of opportunities are available for parents to participate in their child’s life at school. It shows support and immense help to the teachers if parents do participate in family events like volunteering in the classroom, assisting on field trips, assisting on Children’s Day or any such special occasion.
  • Parents read to your children and read together. It will help your child develop essential reading skills faster.
  • All the events of the school are important as it is graded… they are to make your child sociable, confident and self reliant.
  • No collections can be made without the permission of the Principal.
  • No gifts to be distributed on Birthdays.
  • It has been observed that children who are playful and open are more likely to be more confident.

Late Coming

Students have to arrive at the School at least 5 minutes before the first bell. Those who come late should get a written permission to enter class from the H.M.

If a student comes late after three written warning notes in the handbook the student will be sent home.


Pupil who do not return promptly after holidays and those who are absent for more than 7 days without a sanctioned leave will have their names struck off the rolls.

No leave of absence will be granted without a previous written application from the parents. Leave of absence, on account of birthday, marriage, feasts will not be considered.

Meeting The Teachers

Parents cannot meet the teachers during the school hours unless they have the permission of the H.M.

A prior written appointment is necessary to meet the teachers otherwise.

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Rules Of Conduct & Discipline
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