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School is a public institution requiring standard of dressing which exceed casual attire. To this end, students are required to dress in proper attire to reflect favourably upon the integrity and respectability of the School and the students. Policies governing dress code are as follows:

For Boys

  • Checked shorts with off White shirt, tie.
  • Black socks & Leather Black Shoes.

For Girls

  • Checks pinafore and off White shirt, tie.
  • Black socks & Leather Black Shoes.

Winter Uniform

  • Sweatshirt and the regular uniform.

Uniform For P.E

  • J.J. Academy Logo T- shirt, Sweatpants with House colours, Black socks and Black canvas shoes.

The uniform must conform to the School Model.
The P.T. uniform must be worn on specified days only. If the children attend school without full uniform they are liable to be sent home at their own risk.


Only black leather shoes are allowed to be worn in the School unless specified otherwise. During the monsoon, special footwear (of black colour only) may be used. Under no circumstances can slippers be worn.

A student violating the dress code will be cited in his / her handbook for the first offence and may be asked to obtain appropriate clothing before attending class.

Hair And Nails

Students are to have their nails trimmed short and clean at all times.


Must have short, oiled hair. Only boys of the sikh community will have an exception to this rule. Spiking up of the hair, pony tails or even colouring of the hair is not allowed.


Must have their hair oiled and neatly tied back in a single ponytail in case of shoulder length hair or a single plait. Only black bands to be used!

Strict measures will be taken against those who ignore the rules concerning the uniform, failure to conform to these will be considered a grave infringement of the Regulations.

No Mehendi and Nail Polish

Pupils are not allowed to have long nails or use nail polish.

The application of mehendi, no matter what the auspicious occasion, is strictly forbidden during school days. Students coming to school with mehendi will be sent home and suspended till such a time as the mehendi wears away.


The students are allowed to wear simple watches only with a small dial and a leather strap. No Metallic watches.


Students are to wear simple plain black spectacles without any designs.

Wallets and Purses

Are not allowed in the school.

Chains and Ornaments

Are strictly not allowed in the school.

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