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Teaching and learning occur most efficiently in a climate of order. Courteous, considerate behaviour is required of all students in the school premises at all times not only for their benefit but of others as well. The administration and teaching staff at J.J. Academy High School will use the necessary means to ensure that an environment conducive to learning and safety is maintained. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who disrupt this environment or break school rules. Possible action includes restrictions during recess, after school detention, work assignments, suspension. Students must sign in when reporting to the Headmistress' office for disciplinary action. They must list the teacher sending them and the time of the day.

  • Any pupil who is persistently insubordinate, is repeatedly or wilfully mischievous or is guilty of malpractices in connection with examination or has committed an act of serious indiscipline or misbehaviour or whom in the opinion of the head of the school has an unwholesome influence on his fellow pupils may be expelled permanently or removed from the school for a specified period by the head of the school.
  • Pupils should realise that they are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behaviour outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of the school on the part of the pupils would make them liable for disciplinary action.
  • Pupils are expected to show gentleness and courtesy to their Teachers and Companions. Refinement of manners should distinguish every pupil of this School.
  • At the first warning bell, all must stand up for the Assembly where they will pray in common, hear the H.M's talk attentively and be silent in the classrooms. The Class monitors are in charge of discipline, before and after the Assembly and in the absence of the teacher.
  • No absentee or late arrival after Assembly may be admitted to class without the signature of the H.M. on the Absence / Attendance Record Page of the School Calendar.
  • The Teacher will sign the Attendance Record Page Showing the date and time of the late arrival, and will report to the H.M, if a pupil arrived late thrice.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the School are sufficient reasons for detention or dismissal of a pupil.

Conduct In School

Pupils who expect to return late to their homes are responsible for informing their parents about it in advance.

No meeting, demonstration, party or picnic may be held without permission from the Headmistress.

No celebration of cutting and distribution of cakes will be allowed in the School campus as it disturbs the general discipline of the School.

No collection may be started for any purpose whatsoever without the previous sanction of the Headmistress.

Pupils should realize that they are responsible to the School authorities not only for their conduct in the School but also for their general behaviour outside School. Pupils should show respect and wish the school authorities and teachers in and outside the School campus.

Pupils should bring to School only their textbooks and notebooks. Other books if thought to be useful may be circulated only with the prior approval of the H.M. Students are to come in complete school uniform on all days Including Open Days.

Out of regard for higher standard of English, required by the Academy, all are expected to speak only in English.

When the school is in session parents are strongly advised not to visit the classes or contact the teachers without the H.M's permission. Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct as well as cleanliness of dress and person should be inculcated.

No student will be allowed to sit for the school examinations unless fees have been paid up to date.

Pupils shall not take part in any political activities.

Disciplinary Action

The upkeep of every one of the rules and regulations, is meant for the benefit and welfare of all at the School. Punishments are resorted to as an extreme step only when all the other means have been tried and not met with success in bringing to book a child or children. Parents will be notified at all stages of the measures being taken for the improvement of the child's behaviour and conduct.

Depending on the gravity these corrective steps will be followed.

  • H.M's reprimand and withdrawal of School privileges.
  • Detention after School hours, after giving advance notice to the parents.
  • Suspension from school after 3 repeated warnings for non- adherence of the rules. Suspension can extend from 1 - 7 days. Appropriate study material will have to be completed during the period of suspension.
  • Conduct injurious to the moral tone of the School in sufficient reason for detention or dismissal of a pupil.

Late Coming

Students should arrive at school at least 5 minutes before the first bell. Those who come late should get a written permission to enter class from the H.M / Discipline in Charge. If a student comes late, after three written warning notes in the calendar, the parent should be called and intimated about the same.

Tiffins or projects will not be entertained once school starts
Pupils are advised NOT to bring any valuable articles to school. Books, bags, tiffin box etc. should have students name to avoid loss of the same. Under no circumstances tiffin etc. will be given / taken during the school time.


  • No leave of absence will be granted without a previous written application from the parents. Leave of absence on account of birthday, marriage, feasts etc. will not be considered.
  • Pupils who do not return promptly after holidays and those who are absent for more than 7 days without a sanctioned leave will have their name struck off the roll.
  • A student suffering from a contagious or infectious disease will not be allowed to attend school or appear for any examination. The student on returning to school should produce a doctor's certificate stating that it is safe for him / her to do so.
  • If the child is sick for more than 3 days, a doctor's certificate along with an application from the parent should be submitted to the H.M / Supervisor.
  • In case the student is absent for any oral or grade exam, the student will not be examined. No examination will be held before the time fixed for such examination. If the student is sick, the medical certificate should be submitted.
  • Leave of absence is granted for very serious reasons only. A written application must be made by the parents. The H.M reserves the right to refuse the leave.
  • In case of absence without leave the student on returning to school must have the reason of absence entered and signed by the parent or guardian on the “Leave and Absence Record.” Without this, the student will not be admitted to class.

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