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Nursery and Kindergarten teachers play a vital role in the development of children. What children learn and experience during their early years can shape their views of themselves and the world and can affect their later success or failure in school work and their personal lives. Nursery and Kindergarten school teachers introduce children to mathematics, language, science and social studies. They use games, music, artwork, films, books audio visuals and other tools to teach basic skills.

Kindergarten children learn mainly through play and interactive activities. Kindergarten teachers capitalize on children’s play to further language and vocabulary development (using storytelling, rhyming games and acting games), improve social skills (having children work together to build a neighbourhood in a sandbox), and introduce scientific and mathematical concepts (showing the children how to balance and count blocks when building a bridge or how to mix colors when painting) thus, a less structured approach, including small group lessons, one-on-one instruction, and learning through creative activities such as art, dance and music, is adopted to teach Kindergarten teachers, but academics begin to take priority in the Kindergarten classroom. Letter recognition, phonics, numbers and awareness of nature and science, introduced at nursery levels are taught primarily in Kindergarten. Communication is critical to the program me and to each child’s development and growth.

Co-curricular Activities
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