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Some Answers To Parents Queries

My son / daughter has left their projects/ tiffin / compass box / belt / tie home just deliver it to the class!
Once the student is in the class no articles can be delivered.

My son / daughter is not doing well in a few subjects?
Set up a meeting with your class teacher about different options you can avail of. If possible meet when there are no distractions and when he/she can concentrate on you.

My son / daughter has some trouble reading / writing / math?
Start by involving your child in something they like to read or do. Then slowly add study material in to what they enjoy. Provide a way for them to love the subject. Contact your teacher. There are other supplemental solutions to enable your child to improve.

We are advised to put on these stones on our child. Can we do it?
We are concerned about our students and value their safety. No valuable metals are to be worn to the school. No metallic rings or chains are allowed.
For members of the sikh community only thin metallic kada can be worn which cannot be used as a weapon.

Is it necessary to send my child on school trips / excursions?
One of the strengths of J.J. Academy education is to enable students to open up and Express their view points. We would like to see them open up in a group instead of stereotyping or having their own reservations. This can be done in a setting that is not limited to the classroom; it also gives us a chance to see what our children have learnt so far. The way they behave, eat, act, decision making all are observed this apart from them learning facts of the excursion.

I want my child to take part in extra curricular events
Let them take part in as many events as they want. No student is going to be asked not to perform. Infact if parents come to lend their support the students will be encouraged to perform better. Our students should live with by no challenge too big to handle.

My child is very shy I have a problem what do I do?
Contact the head of the section who will guide you accordingly.

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